art on the island

Screen shot 2013-04-07 at 11.46.23 AMNatsuko Porcino

Sometimes it’s easy to forget about other parts of your life when you are living in a laboratory and analyzing data 24/7. Thankfully, where we are living also happens to be on a biological preserve full of beautiful animals of all shapes and sizes. In bits of downtime I’ve had over the course of the quarter, I was able to draw some of the little critters that live in the area, carefully maintained in the sea tables in Lab 3.


Through studying and drawing them, I am constantly reminded of the incredible variability of structures and functions they have. Nature is an impressive force to behold, and it does not spare beauty to any of its organisms. Even the smallest worms have delicate fronds and painted scales, and even plankton invisible to the naked eye have an elegant geometry that can rival modern architecture.


all art on this page (c) Natsuko Porcino

all art on this page (c) Natsuko Porcino


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