Adventures in Statistics

Screen shot 2013-04-07 at 11.47.16 AMDaneil Newcomb

While the mesocosm bags are still drying, there is no time for us to rest; presentations are in a little under two weeks, and data analysis has begun! To get us all started, Phil gave an incredibly useful and easy to understand lecture about performing statistical tests. There is so much information used to determine which test you’ll be running, and I’m glad to have learned it. Now I know I will be running the right tests on my data.

I am hoping to complete all of my data analysis within the next week. This gives me a week to prepare my results and conclusions slides for my presentation, which is hopefully enough time. Luckily, there will be a practice presentation between now and the final presentation. I am a little nervous, but also happy that we all have the opportunity to share our hard work with others. Yesterday I started looking for correlations between my data and others, and am excited to report that many of the correlations I was expecting are present. I have yet to have a chance to check from statistical difference between treatments though, which will be my next step.

This quarter has gone by so fast that I am baffled as to where my time has gone! It seems like only yesterday I was learning how to process my samples and now I have half of my first draft on my paper done, the experiment is over and mostly cleaned up, and my data analysis has begun. I cannot wait to see what the next week brings.


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