A trip to American Camp

179542_3643780006105_2023477582_nKiely Shutt

Last Saturday Phil, Jen, and I went on a day trip to American Camp. It was nice to get out and enjoy the sunshine instead of working on processing our data and writing our papers. When San Juan Island was occupied by both English and American settlers, they agreed to set up their camps on opposite ends of the island. American Camp offers nice trails, beautiful views, and plenty of birds that kept Jennifer happy. As we walked, it was fun to stop and read the signs that gave a bit of history about how life was for the American military who resided there in the mid 1800’s. Our favorite bit of history was that a war was almost started because an American settler shot a pig that belonged to an Irishman who worked for the Hudson Bay Company.

Jen brought her binoculars and showed us the variety of birds she found. My favorite was the red-winged black bird. The trails here were nice and lovely, and I’m excited to see what British camp looks like on the north end of the island. Until then, we have a lot of work to do. Our presentations are sneaking up on us, we only have about 2 more weeks to finish our data analysis!


Gorgeous views



Windswept meadow


Jen looking at a hawk

Jen looking at a hawk


Phil getting in on some birding action




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