Life After Sampling

Screen shot 2013-04-07 at 11.46.57 AMKelly Govenar

Wednesday was our first day without sampling. Finally, I was able to sleep in and skip 7:45 am breakfast. I have never felt so rested. I spent most of the day relaxing in the sunshine.  Our busy schedule during sampling prevented me from venturing too far from the laboratories. Now I am trying to see more of the island and appreciate the beauty it has to offer. Kiely, Andrew, and I went to explore Eagle Cove Beach before dinner yesterday. Eagle Cove is located on the southern side of the island near American Camp.  The sandy beach and calm waters is an ideal place to launch kayaks or have a picnic.  The next places I want to see are British Camp and American Camp.

The majority of our group will be driving down to Seattle this weekend. It will be a good chance to relax, see friends, and begin writing our research papers. I will be meeting with Evelyn while I am in Seattle to talk about my project. It will be really helpful to discuss the results of the dilution experiment and speculate why the grazing rates changed as they did. We have a long month of writing ahead of us but I am looking forward to having plenty of time to write while exploring the San Juan Islands.


the path to the beach


a panoramic photo Andrew took of Eagle Cove


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