A parting gift

179542_3643780006105_2023477582_n Kiely Shutt


Yesterday was a bittersweet day here at Friday Harbor Laboratory. We are three sampling days away from finishing the experiment, but we also said goodbye to the visiting Korean scientists from Dr. Kitack Lee’s group in Pohang, Korea. It has been really interesting to learn about Dr. Kitae Park’s previous work with DMS (and DMSP), a sulfur compound emitted by phytoplankton. DMS is also believed to be what gives the ocean it’s distinct aroma. Dr. Park along with techs Bokyung Kong and Miok Kim have been with us since prior to the mescosm experiment’s start. Yesterday, as they were packing up their lab equipment, Dr. Park gave Andrew and me each a pack of Korean packaged KimWipes.

photo (1)

I sample biogenic silica from the Niskin bottle every other day. The group working with samples from the Niskin is small compared with the integrated samplers. Dr. Park and Miok were down there every morning to sample for DMSP and DMS. Andrew, Amanda, and Barbara are also Niskin samplers. Andrew and Kitae became fast friends down on the  dock. During a field trip to Limekiln State Park, I snapped a picture of Dr. Park and Andrew enjoying a conversation by the water.


Dr. Park came down for sampling this morning to help the Niskin group, and taught me how to properly use the bottle. Lab 2 felt a bit empty without their group. We wish them safe travels and look forward to reading more about their research in the future!


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