The End Is Near

Screen shot 2013-04-07 at 11.46.57 AMKelly Govenar

Yesterday, we met as a group to discuss our plans for the coming month.  As of now, Tuesday, T21, will be the final sampling day of our experiment.  This decision was made based on the prediction that the nitrate levels will drop to zero at this time and we only have enough supplies for 22 days total.  It is interesting that sometimes the lack of supplies limits the duration of an experiment. However, we will still get enough data to successfully write our research papers.  Once sampling is done, we will begin analyzing data and writing our papers.  All of us will be requiring data from each other, so it will be extremely important to meet as a group to collaborate and discuss our findings.  For my dilution project, the phytoplankton and micro-zooplankton counts and biomass (from Amy and Phil’s projects) will be necessary for me to analyze in order to determine reasons for changes in their growth and grazing rates. After the experiment is done, we plan on going on a few field trips and exploring the island more; we definitely deserve to have some fun after all of our hard work.


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