Here comes the sun

Screen shot 2013-04-07 at 11.46.23 AMNatsuko Porcino

After the stormy start this quarter graced us with, the past few days have been an absolute pleasure. After deciding to lower the mesh surrounding the mesocosm bags, things have been looking up – the weather, our moods, the chlorophyll counts! After spending hours in “The Cave” (the dark-room in lab 6), I decided I needed some sun. I was walking along the shore with a friend when we noticed something: empty shore(?) crab exoskeletons, handfuls of them, floating in the waves. There were quite a few of them bobbing back and forth, so as bored science students are wont to do, we decided to collect and compare them. We noticed that they were all sorts of colours and had slightly variable patterns on their backs. Excited, I took them with me and arranged them all sorts of silly ways in a white wheelbarrow, snapping a few photos before sending them back on their way.


Empty carapices. No crabs were harmed in the making of this photo!

That evening, we had a change of pace, leaving the labs and going out and about to the other side of this (incredibly beautiful!) island. We visited Lime Kiln Point, a Washington state park that boasts the best orca viewing for miles around. We didn’t see any orca whales, but we did witness a beautiful sunset. An auspicious sign for the coming days of our experiment!


a view of the Lime Kiln Lighthouse


A beautiful sunset!


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