meAmy Stephens

I finally started phytoplankton counts today!

It has been a long but exciting week in lab 2. On the first day of sampling, I discovered a few of the DYI settling chambers were leaking so I began my epoxy glue extravaganza. I had never used epoxy glue before but I quickly learned that 5 minute epoxy was more like 30 minute epoxy. I re-glued 17 settling chambers to be absolutely sure I wouldn’t get Lugols solution all over my hands again and enlisted Kelsey and Mike to help me make 3 new ones so I could have 2 complete sets.

Once my settling chambers were complete, I had to wait 48 hours before I could start counting phytoplankton and see what kind of community we had growing in our bags. I played musical chairs with microscopes and counting chambers for a while to figure out the best protocol to follow for the rest of the experiment. I was finally able to start counting today and I cannot explain to you how excited I was to find my very first cells. Its only a 3 celled diatom chain but after days of waiting, hours of searching and a few practice slides, I could not have been more thrilled.

After finishing the T0 samples, I felt like Count von Count.


A chain of Thalassiosira


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