Getting ready for T0!


Andrew and Jen mix the mesocosms

Screen shot 2013-04-07 at 11.46.23 AMAndrew Baird  

Early this morning the mesocosms finished filling! After about 57 hours, the bags are full enough for experimentation.  The first step was to mix the mesocosms to prevent stratification of phytoplankton as well as give more accurate readings of salinity and light intensity.  This is a key part of the study for these initial readings allow us to set the whole study in motion.  After mixing, Amanda took a CTD cast to determine the salinity of each mesocosm, then Phil and myself helped disperse a brine solution.  The addition of the brine solution causes the mesocosms to become more dense then the surrounding water and thus sit lower in the water and in turn be a bit easier to work with.  After the addition of the brine, we mixed then went to lunch.  After lunch we organized to listen to a talk by Amy, Daneil and myself about the nature of mesocosm experiments.  After this we started adding the water enriched with CO2 in order to begin establishing the treatment groups.  Everyone is excited to begin the study and hope to see some stimulating results!


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